JODY DYER, Crippled Beagle Publishing
​I've loved writing since I was a child. In this 1990 photo my beloved crippled beagle Bell keeps me company as I daydream on paper. Each of us is imperfect. Bell had backward knees, but a calm disposition and sweet nature made her an all-time favorite pet. Like Bell, humans are imperfect, but we have stories to tell. Whether through books, essays, magazine articles, social media content, or other projects, I welcome the opportunity to help you share your talent and communicate your unique message in a powerful way.

​Contact me at or (865) 414-4017.

FREELANCE WRITER - Ghostwriter - editor - publisher

I find great joy in helping people of all ages capture in words what they want to communicate.
  • ​Magazine articles
  • Web/marketing content
  • Social media content
  • Speeches
  • Press releases
  • Books
  • Legacy projects (business/family)
  • Instructional curriculum

author - speaker

I write and speak to enlighten, encourage, and entertain. ​​I customize messages to match audience demographics and each organization's needs/purposes. No matter the topic, I work hard to bring humor, insight, and inspiration through candid talk and engaging anecdotes.

Sample topics
For businesses and organizations:

Think outside the barn
Crossing the digital divide
Be a contributor, not a consumer
Everyone has something to teach others
Servant leadership
Progress IS success
Empathy is profitable
Mistakes are free training modules
It doesn't cost a dime to be a gentleman

For church groups and women's groups:
​Adoption is an attitude
"Wide" open adoption
Be specific in your support of others
No one should grieve alone
Infertility sucks
Walk a mile in her bra
Be the band, not the coach

Adventures in publishing
Theories: Size 12
Open adoption
Risks, rewards, mistakes, miracles

Tutor - fundraiser

TEACHER: As a former secondary education teacher and the daughter of a veteran English teacher, I value the improvement one-on-one help offers. Your child CAN acquire confidence and competence in his or her writing skills.
  • ​Essays
  • Summer reading book clubs for teens
  • Research papers: planning, pacing, outlines, content, grammar, mechanics
  • Speeches
​FUNDRAISER: I combine my backgrounds in business management and public school education to help groups, clubs, and student bodies of all types and sizes raise money to support their missions through my Anthology Project. ​ Your group's participation can be as simple or complex as you like.
(865) 414-4017