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Book clubs LOVE The Eye of Adoption​ because, as one reader stated, "Every woman should read this book." We all know other women who have faced sorrow and stress. While this book addresses infertility and adoption, its themes of longing, , being misunderstood, loneliness, faith, and perseverance resonate with all women. 

​I visit book clubs or other groups within a certain driving distance, but also use Skype to participate in meetings. 

​If you have a group, blog, website, or other forum for which you need adoption-specific ​written content or an event speaker, reach out to me. Often, my child's birthmother will join my efforts. We love destroying hurtful myths while sharing hope!

​It would be my honor to help you document a family story. We will work together to find YOUR voice and capture YOUR experiences so that adopted children and all those who love them can understand and appreciate the beautiful, burdensome blessings of adoption. Let me help you pass your one-of-a-kind love story on to the next generation.

"No one just adopts."
From the very first steps of acknowledging adoption as a choice to the final document that seals the deal, Jody Cantrell Dyer paints a raw, warm, heartbreaking and eventually triumphant portrayal that narrates the entire adoption process through compassionate and humorous prose. 

Author Jody Cantrell Dyer’s candor, wit, humor, and soul color each page of The Eye of Adoption. She directly addresses the sorrows of infertility and the demands of adoption while consistently word-weaving a life rope of assurance and optimism for her readers. A middle-aged wife, mother, and teacher, Dyer “tells it like it is” in hopes that waiting adoptive parents, birthparents, adoptees, and those close to them will find kinship through her story.

Voted a "Favorite Read of 2013"
by Adoptive Families Magazine

Do you like to read love stories? Are you touched by adoption? Are you struggling to conceive? Are you a birth parent, an adoptive parent, or an adoptee? Do you love someone affected by infertility, a crisis pregnancy, or adoption? If so, I wrote this book for you.

"If God can work through me, He can work through anyone." —Francis of Assisi.

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My son Houston drew the artwork (featured on the book's back cover) in first grade as a Mother's Day gift, two years before he met his sibling. Do you see the waiting baby above the waiting family? From the book, "Even Houston [age six] sensed the ethereal nature of our wait for a baby."

Chapter titles from The Eye of Adoption

Blueprints for Footprints
The Enemy: Infertility
Sweet Offers and Great Sex Advice
Grief and Grief in Reverse
Helpful, Hurtful, and Ridiculous Reactions
So Personal and So Public
Big Chick If You Have To!
I Am Not Crazy. Neither Are You.
Par for the Course
Adoption in the Age of Mass Media
The Leap of Faith
Surviving the Wait
Shaken, Not Stirred
Big News at Baskin-Robbins
Business as Usual, Not
Home, But Not Home Free
Safe in the Outfield
How Do You Say Thank-You?