Book description: Jody Dyer slaps humor on everyday life as skillfully as a veteran line cook throws country ham on a flat top grill. Readers compare her to Lewis Grizzard and Fannie Flagg, but Dyer has a unique, modern, edgy voice with Appalachian roots and universal appeal. In Theories: Size 12, readers gain a new perspective on marching bands, zoos, sports parents, teachers, outdoor weddings, tailgates, bicycle guys, and much, much more. Dyer says what we're all thinking but afraid to say, and she does so with a rare combination of fearless wit and literary finesse—a combination as lip-smacking good as pinto beans and cornbread. 

Theories: Size 12, Volume DD is coming soon!

Voted a "Favorite Read of 2013"by Adoptive Families Magazine.

Book description: "No one just adopts." From the very first steps of acknowledging adoption as a choice to the final document that seals the deal, Jody Cantrell Dyer paints a raw, warm, heartbreaking and eventually triumphant portrayal that narrates the entire adoption process through compassionate and humorous prose.

Author Jody Cantrell Dyer’s candor and soul color each page of The Eye of Adoption. She directly addresses the sorrows of infertility and the demands of adoption while consistently word-weaving a life rope of assurance, optimism, and laughter for her readers.

A middle-aged wife, mother, teacher, and writer, Dyer “tells it like it is” in hopes that waiting adoptive parents, birthparents, adoptees, and those close to them will find kinship through her story.

In this children's book illustrated by Tennessee fifth grader Parker Dubon, character Noah dreads his school's field day but learns a valuable lesson from his athletic friend Elliot.

"I love Jody's humorous approach to things in life. This is an entertaining story with a surprise ending." —Amazon reader.

Parents, Stop and Think is a small collection of thoughtful essays. I penned these when I was a public school educator. The essays were featured in school district newsletters and several Tennessee magazines.

Bring this dynamic project to your group or school. Participants compose, proof, edit, and design their own creative work in the form of a printed anthology. I provide step-by-step instructions, consultation, editing, and publishing services from the introduction to the book launch celebration. Projects can be semester-long or as simple as one submission from contributors. I can adapt the Anthology Project to meet your group's needs and timeline.

Discounts are available for book clubs, adoption groups, teachers (in-service groups/PD/class sets), social work agencies, libraries, and other organizations.