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​I use my simple blog ( to brainstorm, rough draft, talk with readers, share news, and more. Do not expect what you and I write together to necessarily sound like ANYTHING I write in the blog. I free fall there, but I use solid boundaries and safety gear when I write with and for others. Follow directly at, or Like Author Jody Dyer on Facebook for updates and links to new posts.

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From the back cover:

Jody Dyer slaps humor on everyday life as skillfully as a veteran line cook throws country ham on a flat top grill. Readers compare her to Fannie Flagg and Lewis Grizzard, but Dyer has a unique, modern, edgy voice with Appalachian roots and universal appeal.

​In Theories: Size 12, Go On, Get Mad, But You Know You Agree, readers gain a new perspective on marching bands, zoos, sports parents, teachers, outdoor weddings, tailgates, bicycle guys, and much, much more.

​Dyer says what we're all thinking but afraid to say, and she does so with a rare combination of fearless wit and literary finesse—a combination as lip-smacking good as pinto beans and cornbread.

Just a little taste...Theories: Size 12 Chapter Titles:

THEORY 1:  People write diaries HOPING someone else will read them. 
THEORY 2:  Anyone can learn from anyone.
THEORY 3:  Teachers are the most entertaining people on the planet. 
THEORY 4:  The only thing worse than teacher fashion is ​substitute teacher ​ fashion.
THEORY 5:  You should be nice to everyone you meet because you will meet again, especially if you were not nice in the first place.
THEORY 6:  Don't judge a woman by her accent or her breast size.
THEORY 7:  Play a sport even if you suck at it.
THEORY 8:  If you want the ultimate college experience, join the band.
THEORY 9:  EVERYONE should work in a restaurant.
THEORY 10:  In youth sports, parents are the true performers.
THEORY 11:  The more a zoo advertises a critter, the less likely visitors are to actually see that critter.
THEORY 12:  Bicycle guys are selfish and make other people late for work.
THEORY 13:  As people get old, they morph into the opposite sex.
THEORY 14:  Humans try to force things to be what things can NOT be.
THEORY 15:  Tailgate etiquette is not an oxymoron. (But tailgates ARE full of morons.)
THEORY 16:  People erroneously think they can do other people's jobs.
THEORY 17:  Funerals beat weddings, for guests anyway.
THEORY 18:  Blind dates are the best dates ever!
THEORY 19:  ALL MOTHERS need “Sister Wives.”
THEORY 20:  Never call a woman fat, lazy, or selfish.


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