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Growing up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father, an angry mother, and seven siblings wasn’t easy for author Claudia Peacock. In these pages, Claudia shares how her childhood struggles eventually lead her to successfully fostering over 200 children. Her mission is twofold. Claudia wants to show all parents and children, no matter what their circumstances are, that they can choose happiness and enjoy peaceful lives. Through first-hand accounts of caring for children in crisis while raising three biological children and working full time, Claudia aims to demystify foster parenting and advocate for families.

Appalachian Almanac provides exploration, inspiration, and insights from a lifetime of wilderness travels and wild life observations, some with humor, joy, fear, and occasional danger. Ken Johnson’s writings cover scientific and personal discovery, providing readers an opportunity to reconnect with nature through physical, mental, and spiritual experiences. Included are childhood memories, black bear studies, Cherokee heritage, human nature, and a longing for home. 

Janet Stoeppelmann's Ta’aroa’s Light is based on the TRUE STORY of UTA Flight 589 that occurred in 1985.

In the early morning darkness, a UTA French Airlines DC 10 pilot, in route from Los Angeles to Tahiti, was informed that an onboard bomb was timed to explode before the flight could land at its destination in Tahiti. The story is told from the point of view of a ten-year-old girl named Jillian who is flying with her family. Jody collaborated with author Janet Stoeppelmann and illustrator Nicole Bagley to design, format, edit, and publish Ta’aroa’s Light.

Author and mother Shelly Anderson recalled a simple, yet profound conversation with her son. Her friend illustrated the pages, and her husband David Anderson turned Shelly's story into a sweet book the family treasures. 

Heroic Julie Ingman shares her heart and gives others hope through this book of poetry. Anyone touched by addiction or who works to help addicts will like this book. Thank you, Julie, for being honest and brave. 

Author Samuel Wilson is twelve years old. He created story coloring books about dog hero named Petey who lives in Samuel's hometown in East Tennessee. If your child is interested in drawing and/or writing, contact Jody. She is a former educator and loves to help young people enjoy the experiential learning of writing, illustrating, and publishing their work. 

Author Monica Kimutis shares her passion for building community among young Catholic families. She writes, "​My husband, Jared, and I experienced so much rapid change in our early twenties, that we could hardly escape survival mode. But, we desperately wanted to belong to a church family and we needed Christian friends. Those things take time. A family ministry can close that time gap and nurture its members, just like it has done for us."
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​Motivated to leave her grandchildren a legacy of poems and photos of her world travels, author Carole Ayres invites everyone to come along through her I LOVE book series. Israel, Africa, Turks and Caicos are available now. More books are coming soon!

Ken Johnson shares his love of Pandas (who are NOT bears, by the way) through a sweet book for children. The book also includes original photos by Ken and information about rural China and its people. Ken is a retired ecologist from the University of Tennessee. 

​ book description: ​Seven generations after nuclear chaos, the world bows to an oppressive Empire run by the genetic elites known as Nobles. Something is bound to break. Griffon Nightlock, an Outcast in the genetic pool, and a thief, faces the fear of execution daily with his life of shadows and violence. When he was eight he watched his parents get murdered and his home burned. When he was thirteen the orphanage threw him out to survive on his own. For years Griffon Nightlock has lived in secret, surviving by means of his wits and the few dollars he can swipe. But when the man who murdered his parents arrives in Chicago with plans to kill many more, Griffon finds himself thrown into a game he wasn’t prepared for with dark secrets behind every player on the board as he races to stop Chicago’s greatest destruction. His virtues are slimming. His enemies are growing. His vengeance is burning.
And nobody except him wants to stop Chicago’s destruction from the man who murdered his family.