We all have lessons to learn. We all have lessons to teach. 

When ghostwriting or completing freelance projects, my objective is to empathize and communicate as the true storyteller: YOU. Together, we will find your voice and articulate your story, message, or mission to create a finished product that meets your goals.

Families often regret they never asked questions of loved ones, and they struggle to recall the details of important memories. Hire me to write your or your loved one's life story. Projects can vary in length and scope. I travel to you as long as my schedule allows. Relatives and friends of the "main character" may collaborate with me and pool resources to pay fees. Apply the art of literature to document someone's life so he or she may be accurately remembered and celebrated.

When editing, I apply decades of writing experience and my background as an educator to clean and refine messages for specific purposes and audiences.

As a fundraiser, I partner with your group to create, complete, publish, market, and sell an industry level anthology or other book that will bring not only a sense of great accomplishment to contributors but also income to your organization.

My goals are to enlighten, encourage, and entertain through writing, speaking, and teaching opportunities. I look forward to working for you. Please ask questions!
FEES: I use national industry standard pricing, but each project is unique, so I customize fees and payment schedules to an individual client's needs. I am happy to consult with you to answer all your questions and estimate pricing for your project.

Email me at, call 865.414.4017, or use the contact form below.