Ghostwriter, Editor, Publisher

My story was truly a God-led journey; one that didn’t end with just writing my book, which is something that I had never planned or imagined I would be called to do. Once it was completed I had no idea how I would get years worth of work edited, published, and into the hands of those who needed to read it. But then God led me to Jody.  What an incredible blessing it was to trust my work to someone so amazing, professional, talented, kind, and encouraging. She held my hand and walked me through this process. Not only did Jody do a fabulous job throughout the editing and publishing phases, about which I knew nothing , she believed in my book, which means more than she’ll probably ever know. I am so thankful to have had this wonderful experience with someone who takes such pride and care in her work.

Jessica Akhrass, author of Sincerely, Addison’s Sister

I highly recommend Jody Dyer and Crippled Beagle Publishing. Our Creative Writing Club here at Pellissippi State Community College dreamed for some time of publishing an anthology of original works; however, the process seemed so overwhelmingly daunting that we simply did not feel we could feasibly make our dream a reality. When Jody Dyer came along, however, all that changed. Jody assisted us with each minute detail of our project, from beginning to end, and patiently responded to all our questions promptly and professionally. She even attended club meetings and personally offered advice and guidance to our students. The result is a professionally published work of which we can be forever proud. In addition to inspiring our club members, Jody has also graciously taught workshops at our Young Creative Writer's Workshop event for the past few years, encouraging and uplifting young writers to achieve their goals. If your dream is to finally publish a book, whether you are an individual or an instructor wishing to publish a book of student/faculty writing, there is no better person to connect with than Jody Dyer. She is kind, positive, proficient, dedicated and incredibly delightful to work with.

Patty Ireland, Associate Professor of English
Pellissippi State Community College

"I knew I was supposed to write this book. My problem was I had no idea where to even start. But when I met Jody Dyer, I knew it was going to happen. Jody walked me through the process and stayed with me all the way to the publishing of my book. I could not have done it without her. She was my mentor and now I am honored to call her my friend." Brenda Seals, author of Son Down, Son Up

"Jody Dyer and Crippled Beagle Publishing transformed a dream into reality, and now I have a collection of the best poems I’ve written over the last 60 years.  Like the GPS in my car, Jody guided me through the twisted and convoluted paths of the publishing process.  I would never have been able to do this on my own.  In addition to this service, Jody is a continuous source of inspiration, encouragement, and productive criticism.  Always full of energy and ideas, she infused me with confidence and the knowledge that I can do this. I would without hesitation urge my friends who might be interesting in writing and publishing to contact Crippled Beagle Publishing." Carmen Nappo, poet and author of When Clocks Stop

"Jody Dyer is the best publisher I've ever worked with, bar none." Kenneth G. Johnson, author of Appalachian Almanac, My Wild Life, and Panda Love

"I am not a writer.  But I felt I had a story to tell that would encourage young people that no matter what they experienced in their early years did not have to dictate what they became in adult life.  That, coupled with my love of children, begged to be told.  I struggled to write my story and when I had done all I could do I turned to a friend for a recommendation of what to do next.  My friend suggested I contact Jody at Crippled Beagle Publishing.  I did and what a wonderful recommendation.  Jody took my poor book and transformed my organization, smoothed the grammar, and crafted what I had written into a “sweet book.”  I will forever be indebted to Jody for helping me realize my dream of publishing my story so others would be encouraged and hopefully consider fostering children." —Claudia Peacock, author of One BIG Family: A Foster Mother's Journey with 200 Children
I am so thankful that a friend shared with me the book that she was able to publish through Crippled Beagle Publishingwith the help of Jody Dyer.  For many years, my wish has been to put together a book of my poems—  which I have beenwriting since the 1980’s. Originally conceived as a gift for family and friends, and something I thought I would surely be able to figureout on the internet— finding Jody to help with all of the details has made my vision come true.  From her excellent editing and computer skills, to her creativity with the design of the cover and general layout, and her efficiency in meeting a time-line, she has far exceeded my expectations. And I do appreciate her encouragement to make this book more widely available.Though I have shared some of these poems with others over the years  (and often been encouraged to publish them in book form) my busy career as a professional cellist in Nashville TN, and raising two beautiful daughters, has often made finding time for my other artistic pursuits a struggle. But my love for reading, writing, and poetry in particular has never ceased. I also greatly love the visual arts, and was so happy that Jody could  help me design a cover that features one of my paintings.  Hopefully you will find some of the breadth of that journey reflected in this little volume that spans thirty years of my life.  —Julia Tanner, poet

It is a great privilege and joy to work with Jody Dyer and Crippled Beagle Publishing. She is most knowledgeable not only in regards to writing and editing, but also in promoting  to the maximum an author's work, even the most unskilled of us. Jody looks for unique angles both about the writer's life and her/his manuscript. She is an expert at proper design and appropriate images and illustrations. Jody is patient, respectful, and by no means condescending even to those of us who are seemingly clueless about her field of expertise. Appearing never unhurried, she patiently spends plenty of time with the most hesitant of us authors, and always displays a pleasant and encouraging attitude. With no reservations at all, I heartily recommend her to anyone with a story to share with the world.
Dwyn M. Mounger, Ph.D.
"I have always dreamed of publishing stories. When I decided to go the route of self-publishing I looked into several options for editing. I knew I needed it, but everyone was either out of my price range, not the best at working with the client's needs, or frankly boring people. I wanted an experience as much as I wanted professional results, and a reliable source I could return to for future works. Then I was introduced to Jody Dyer and found someone who's humor and personality reminded you that she was an actual human being and not some machine giving you edited results. Jody was flexible with my limited budget and hectic schedule, which I greatly appreciated. Her professionalism, coupled with her frequent advice on both my manuscript and how to run a writing business, ensured not only a high quality work, but also told me she was just as passionate about the success of my book as I was. I am happy to say I am confident to have Jody Dyer edit my work for me because with her not only do you find professional level work at a reasonable and flexible rate, but a friend who wants you to succeed in this business."
Mason Dakota
"Having an article in my local luxury real estate magazine is essential for generating new business, but my strength is in one-on-one conversations.  With Jody's writing services, I'm able to stay visible in the marketplace without taking my attention away from direct client interactions. I give Jody a general topic and wait for her to send me a finished article that looks like it was written by a local.  I get compliments all the time about how interesting my articles are!" —S. Paris

"After going the rounds with several publishing companies and wasting a number of frustrating years, I found Jody Dyer. Instead of telling you all the ways something can’t be done, she finds a way to do the most difficult project – and mine was complicated.  She has the knowledge and skill set to tackle just about any annoying obstacle and solves problems quickly, accurately, reasonably priced, pleasantly, and, most importantly, honestly.  She has a real talent for design and the sense of what a book should look like as the finished product.  She brings her own instincts, expertise, and love of literature to the author’s creation.  Without Ms. Dyer, my book would probably still be floundering!"—Janet Stoeppelmann, author of Ta'aroa's Light
"Last year my  ten year old son, Samuel, decided to write a book. Samuel has loved to read and has written numerous "books" since he was six years old. While talking to Jody one day she suggested publishing one of his books. We didn't even know where to begin doing something like that. Jody helped us every step of the way. She edited his book, gave suggestions, and even helped with the structure of his book. She helped to make the process seem not so daunting. Samuel's book was published within one month. He was so excited the day we pulled up Amazon and searched for his name. We are so proud of him, and are enjoying working on his second book. There is no way we could have even thought about doing this without Jody's help. We appreciated the patience and amazing work that Jody gave us. As Samuel pursues his journey as an author, we will consult with no one else. I highly recommend working with this amazing lady." —H. Wilson

"Jody Dyer is creative and resourceful. She is a pleasure to work with and makes my children's books look very appealing. I look forward to more projects with her."—Carole Ayres, author of I LOVE TURKS AND CAICOS, I LOVE ISRAEL, I LOVE AFRICA, I LOVE THE LAKE, I LOVE BACKPACKING THE WEST, and I LOVE THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS

"My son Parker, collaborated with Jody on the book Field Day, as the illustrator.  This was his first time fully illustrating a book and it was a wonderful experience.  Jody was very informative and easy to collaborate with on this project.  She was able to help bring the “bring the book to life” with her own experiences, which helped Parker in his creative process.  Jody was able to use his illustrations in such a creative and intuitive way for a final product that is impressive. Thank you Jody for such a great opportunity and fun learning experience!"—Sondra Dubon, mother of Parker Dubon.

"I’m so grateful to Jody for all of her hard work! Her help and talent, brought to fruition, a dream of mine that far exceeded my expectations! I’m so excited to be able to share my work with the world, and the final product is high quality and beautifully done! I’m so proud of what Jody and I have been able to create!"—Julie Ingman, author of A Book of Poems: Poetry While Working Through Addiction and Grief and Practicing Awakening

"Cultivating Your Catholic Community: Helping Young Couples and Families Find a Place in Your Parish"I am very grateful for Jody's expertise in editing the manuscript for my first book! She did a great job helping me organize my thoughts. The manuscript had lots of room for improvement. Jody guided me toward a better finished product while not destroying my self-esteem. I appreciated her encouragement and support!"— Monica Kimutis, author of Cultivating Your Catholic Community.

"What a joy it was to work with Jody as she was so helpful in providing her knowledge and skills in publishing a short story/book my wife wrote.  I wanted to get it published for her birthday as a surprise to her but had no idea where to start.  I immediately thought of Jody, called her, told her what I wanted to do, and she took the reigns and kept me informed on what was happening.  She also (without us even knowing this was on option) got the book listed on Amazon and we have sold a few!!  Super awesome! Super lady!"—David Anderson
"Jody is amazing to work with - upbeat, competent, enthusiastic with the gift of writing so you feel the written word." K.B., Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center Guild, Townsend, Tennessee

Author, Speaker

"Dyer is a fine writer with that rarest of qualities—a sense of intelligent humor." - T. Rodgers, Ph.D.

"[Dyer] is a masterful storyteller and an accomplished writer who connects with her readers."

"Read one sentence of Jody's prose and you'll be able to tell immediately that Jody is a natural storyteller, because you won't be able to read just that one sentence- you'll feel compelled to go on! Her ability to tug at your heartstrings and make you laugh is a testament to her quick wit and ability to understand human nature—two things that make up a great writer. She is better than Mark Twain." Christina Drill, poet and writer

"Jody Dyer writes with a southern flair that captivates every reader, even those not blessed to be born and reared in the south. There is an honesty in every word that somehow is never offensive, almost like there's a little wink at the end, so that you know she's right there with you on this crazy journey we call life. I also admire her love of grammar, and I pray she corrects mine before using my quotes!" - R. Wooten

Jody Dyer visited our book club after we thoroughly enjoyed reading The Eye of Adoption. Everyone was thrilled to have her there. She is so knowledgeable, personable, humorous, and intelligent. We learned SO MUCH, and we all know someone who can benefit from her experience. She was a joy!" - N. Tice

Tutor, Fundraiser

Jody was so easy to work with as my son finalized his college entrance essays! After my son met with her and told her his story, she asked him to do a first draft and submit it to her.  Then they went through a series of revisions where she asked him to clarify areas and use more descriptive language.  Using her process, the story remained his own and he could truly say he wrote it in its entirety.  It was truly a productive learning process for him and resulted in an exceptional writing product! R.G.
"Jody took an average college essay and helped my daughter make it great! I know it will be an asset to her college application packet! I highly recommend Jody helping your son or daughter." L.W.
"What a wonderful gift Jody Dyer has! She engaging, entertaining and interesting to an 18 year old senior in high school.  He always enjoys learning from Jody.   He has learned to organize his ideas and WRITE.  His college essay was well written, well structured, funny and fabulous.  I thank Jody for her help with our son and look forward to a year of well written, informative, attention grabbing papers.  She is a great resource for any student." D.H.
We have been beyond pleased with Jody’s tutoring skills. She has helped my son immensely with his composition and literature classes at Webb. We immediately saw improvement in his reading comprehension and writing. With her guidance he was able to gather and organize his thoughts to complete excellent and creative papers. His confidence and grades improved dramatically.  He also always looks forward to his tutoring time with Jody. She truly makes learning fun and we couldn’t be more grateful for her help. D.S. 

for the sake of full disclosure, friends and family say:

"[Jody's] not super terrible always." D. Kirkland

"Author Jody Dyer could totally rock some blue eyeshadow and frosted pink lipstick back in the day. You should therefore hang on every word she writes."
- Jody's completely unbiased second cousin S.H. Jennings