JODY DYER, Crippled Beagle Publishing

Ghostwriter, Editor, Publisher

​​"I am very grateful for Jody's expertise in editing the manuscript for my first book! She did a great job helping me organize my thoughts. The manuscript had lots of room for improvement. Jody guided me toward a better finished product while not destroying my self-esteem. I appreciated her encouragement and support!" Monica Kimutis, author of​ Cultivating Your Catholic Community: Helping Young Couples and Families Find a Place in Your Parish
"​Having an article in my local luxury real estate magazine is essential for generating new business, but my strength is in one-on-one conversations.  With Jody's writing services, I'm able to stay visible in the marketplace without taking my attention away from direct client interactions. I give Jody a general topic and wait for her to send me a finished article that looks like it was written by a local.  I get compliments all the time about how interesting my articles are!" S. Paris
​"Last year my  ten year old son, Samuel, decided to write a book. Samuel has loved to read and has written numerous "books" since he was six years old. While talking to Jody one day she suggested publishing one of his books. We didn't even know where to begin doing something like that. Jody helped us every step of the way. She edited his book, gave suggestions, and even helped with the structure of his book. She helped to make the process seem not so daunting. Samuel's book was published within one month. He was so excited the day we pulled up Amazon and searched for his name. We are so proud of him, and are enjoying working on his second book.
There is no way we could have even thought about doing this without Jody's help.
We appreciated the patience and amazing work that Jody gave us. As Samuel pursues his journey as an author, we will consult with no one else. I highly recommend working with this amazing lady." - H. Wilson

Author, Speaker

"Dyer is a fine writer with that rarest of qualities—a sense of intelligent humor." - T. Rodgers, Ph.D.

​​"​Read one sentence of Jody's prose and you'll be able to tell immediately that Jody is a natural storyteller, because you won't be able to read just that one sentence- you'll feel compelled to go on! Her ability to tug at your heartstrings and make you laugh is a testament to her quick wit and ability to understand human nature—two things that make up a great writer. She is better than Mark Twain." Christina Drill, poet and writer

​"Jody Dyer writes with a southern flair that captivates every reader, even those not blessed to be born and reared in the south. There is an honesty in every word that somehow is never offensive, almost like there's a little wink at the end, so that you know she's right there with you on this crazy journey we call life. I also admire her love of grammar, and I pray she corrects mine before using my quotes!" - R. Wooten

​​Jody Dyer visited our book club after we thoroughly enjoyed reading ​The Eye of Adoption. Everyone was thrilled to have her there. She is so knowledgeable, personable, humorous, and intelligent. We learned SO MUCH, and we all know someone who can benefit from her experience. She was a joy!" - N. Tice

Educator, Fundraiser

"​Jody took an average college essay and helped my daughter make it great! I know it will be an asset to her college application packet! I highly recommend Jody helping your son or daughter." L. Williams
"​What a wonderful gift Jody Dyer has! She engaging, entertaining and interesting to an 18 year old senior in high school.  He always enjoys learning from Jody.   He has learned to organize his ideas and WRITE.  His college essay was well written, well structured, funny and fabulous.  I thank Jody for her help with our son and look forward to a year of well written, informative, attention grabbing papers.  She is a great resource for any student." D. Hughes

for the sake of full disclosure, friends and family say:

​"[Jody's] not super terrible always." D. Kirkland

"Author Jody Dyer could totally rock some blue eyeshadow and frosted pink lipstick back in the day. You should therefore hang on every word she writes." - Jody's completely unbiased second cousin S.H. Jennings